Processing codes

use at your own risk. My processing codes are release as is for inspiration. None of the codes are optimized neither test. My rule is as long as it works its fine with me. You will find a lot of commented script, useless scrap code, weird coding practice and copy/paste from libraries and processing tutorial.

satellite skymap satellite_Imager2
TLE visualization software for satellite trajectories. Uses trajectories list from Orbitron software.
image interface E-smog Scan, ICOM PCR 2500 controller
Main software for the Electrosmog project . Use of serial communication, recording multiple sound files, java clock, image driven database and a lot more.

sfo cible_freq.pde
super simple code, read the image from the e-scan-smog graph and redraws it as a circle.

exoplanete exo_planete.pde
Beta version of the exo-planete data player. Use database information from the SIMBAD Astronomical Database to render the star images as a TIFF sequence slide show. The processing code also generate OSC (open source control) message to Reaktor from some of the star and exoplanete properties found in the databese. In my setup, Reaktor is use as a VCO generator to control an analog synth and effects chain. I'm currently working on a midi library for FaderFox midi controller and a live version.