Electrosmog 824-894 MHz

Cell phone recording etched on record, Oral #54

Side A : 18 lines from the Canadian Table of Frequency Allocations
Database etched on vinyl, using the Geographical Area Search set with my studio coordinates of 45°3124 North and 73°3516 East, Source : Industry Canada

Side B : Electrosmog 824 – 890 MHz
USB control radio receiver connected to a computer, 800-900 MHz Yagi antenna, homemade scanning and recording software, 18 simultaneous played audio tracks of radio scans between 824 and 890 MHz. Cellular phone, microwave tower and Paramedic communications. Recorded in Montreal September 2010 play time 12min32.

Artwork : All the antennas in a 120 km radius of my studio
Geographical coordinates and height of 28 840 antennas, home made imaging and cartography software and data base. Source : Industry Canada

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Electrosmog 824-894 MHz

Electrosmog 824-894 MHz, 2010

Electrosmog 824 -890 MHz

Electrosmog 824 -890 MHz, 2010