Du mont Mégantic aux exoplanètes
Residency at l'Observatoire du Mont-Mégantic, l’iREx et l’ASTROlab du Mont-Mégantic

Kaléidoscope II

Electrosmog Toronto
Performance at Nuit Blanche Toronto 2016

Jean-Pierre Aubé in Venice
film about the Electrosmog project

Simulation d'un vol orbital
Light installation, satellite and computers

Electrosmog Venezia
Performance, recording of cell phones

Radio Vaticana
Video and radio recording

Under Surveillance, a Satellite Sky Chart
30 days of spy-satellites passing above my studio

100 000 000 d'années après le Big Bang
Sonification and visualisation of the Big Bang theory

Amundsen leg 3 2014
Video shoot from the NGCC Amunsden, from Kugluktuk to Quebec

Electrosmog World Tour 2012
Radio scans of Berlin, Istanbul, Mumbai, Honk-Kong and San-Fransisco

Graphiques de l'Electrosmog de 0.1 à 144 MHz
The colour of the sky varies according to the power of the radio waves.

Electrosmog Montréal, 0.1 MHz - 144 MHz
Montréal radio scan — Video and sound installation

Electrosmog S.J.s.R.
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu radio scans

Astronomical database and synthesizers

Electrosmog 824-894 MHz
Cell phone recording etched on record, Oral #54

31 Suns (Dawn Chorus)
Sun transit in H-Alpha and radio recording

Electrosmog - Live
Sound performance

Ocotophonic sound system and V.L.F. recording

Titan and beyond the infinite
Sonification and visualisation from the Cassini–Huygens experiment

Elegance - General Electric
Taming Audio Qualities of the Appliance

Spying the Electromagnetic Workforce
Live V.L.F. receivers, automated midi controller and quadrophonic sound system

Daylight to pixel, computer generated images and photo-cell

Save the Waves
Octophonic sound installation and live V.L.F. receivers

photo-cell, led and a lightouse

V.L.F. Natural Radio
Natural Radio recordings in Québec, Lapland and highlands